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The Joys Of Watercolour: Play, Process and Product, a 3-day watercolour exploration with Kateri Ewing

Join Kateri Ewing for a three day creative exploration of what it means to be a watercolourist with beginner’s mind. Based on Kateri’s own daily work as a professional artist, our mornings will be spent in creative and meditative play, discovering the beauty and possibilities of different tools and materials and many ways to get our creative juices flowing. Before lunch we will get into techniques and theory that encourage process over product, and ease our way into discussions about the how and why of our own artistc practice. After lunch it’s all about professional product; over three afternoons, we will be creating a watercolour painting of a realistic song bird on a flowering branch.

Kateri hopes to share her philosophy of creative practice as a watercolorist, and the importance of finding our own voice and making time to simply play, as well as her tried and true techniques for creating a sense of realism in her work, and that spark of life that gives her birds the feeling that they will fly off the page at any moment. Join Kateri for a dynamic three days of falling in love with our watercolor practice all over again.




Watercolorist Kateri Ewing says that her work isn’t so much about creating art or making a statement as it is an avenue to convey how thoroughly in awe she is of the natural world around her. She expresses that awe in richly detailed paintings of songbirds and treasures of the plant kingdom. Largely self-taught and committed to her continuing development as a painter, her technique evolves with each painting as she imagines ways to share the beauty and uniqueness of her winged and botanical subjects. 


Kateri has lived in Western New York for more than half her life, and counts Europe, the Midwest, the Desert Southwest and Texas as previous homes. In preparation for painting these days, she regularly walks and photographs the woods, meadows and waterways in two of her favorite places: Wyoming County and her beloved Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora, a park she helped rescue from New York State’s budgetary axe a few years back.


Kateri is also an instructor in Craftsy with three wonderful courses. I took the courses and she is a very special instructor.

  1. Startup Library: Painting with Watercolors

  2. See Better, Draw Better: Exercises for Beginners

  3. Improve Your Paintings: Luminous Watercolor Mixing


She is also the author of a book that will be published very soon.


In her watercolor workshop Kateri will be teaching us about Birds and Botanicals as well as Luminous Watercolor Mixing.

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