2021 IWS Members show
    Opens February 1st! 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                       Welcome to the Members Show 

This show is a virtual offering of participating Iowa Watercolor Society members' artwork. 

All IWS Members Show entries will appear at this location by February 1, 2021.    

All artwork depicting a price, will be offered for sale to the general public. Prospective buyers should email iowawatercolorsociety@gmail.com with the painting title and artist's name. 

An IWS representative will connect all prospective buyers directly with the artist for all details. 


 Artwork by: Deb Garner   



 Members Show Prospectus


The 2021 virtual Members Show will take place February 1st through February 28th, 2021.

Entries are now closed. 

Entries were accepted beginning November 15, 2020 through January 15, 2021.
The Members Show will be hosted on-line at:  https://iowawatercolorsociety.org


Review All Requirements Carefully:

1. Show is open to 2021 IWS Members Only
   To become a member, or renew membership – sign up at https://iowawatercolorsociety.org

2. Original Artwork Only
    a. Only done by you
    b. No copies of other artwork 
    c. No work completed in workshops or with an instructor
    d. No copies of published photos

3. Recent Work
    a. Created in the last two years
    b. Not previously shown in an IWS show

4. Medium
    a.  Watercolor paint and other mediums such as ink,
           watercolor pencils, watercolor brushes, gouache paint, etc.
    b. Any paper acceptable such as Yupo, rice paper, etc. 

    c. Other techniques acceptable such as collages

5. Presentation
    a. The image must present as right-side up when opened
         The top of the painting must be up when the image is opened.
         (not upside down or laying on its side). 



1. Enter using the Members Show Entry Form on the IWS website: https://iowawatercolorsociety.org
   Under Events, click on  Members Show on the drop down menu.
   The Members Show Entry Form link appears after the Prospectus. 
Click on the link to access the Entry Form. 

2. Each artist may enter once - one painting.  


3. Painting Title - On the entry form
    In the ‘Title of Painting’ box – Enter only the painting’s name, without the .jpg extension.
              Example: Painting Name -  Winding Willow Road  (File name: Winding Willow Road.jpg)
 Enter  -  Winding Willow Road in the ‘Title of Painting’ area.

4. Painting Sale price or Not for Sale - On the entry form
     a. If the painting is for sale – On the entry form:
          1. Enter the price in the ‘For Sale Price’ area. Example - price is $300.00 - Enter 300
          2. Check the ‘For Sale Painting’ ‘Yes’ box.
     b. If the painting is not for sale – On the entry form:
         1. Leave the ‘For Sale Price’ area blank.  
         2. Check the ‘For Sale Painting’ ‘No’ box.


5. Upload of Image - Only a digital image file will be accepted. File must conform to the following:
    a. File must be in .jpg format – no other formats accepted.

    b. File must be within in the 470KB  to 20MB range.

    c. File to be uploaded – file name must have .jpg extension. Example: Winding Willow Road.jpg.

    d. The photograph of your artwork must be of the unframed, unmated image.

    e. Make sure your image is at its best. Use filtered natural light, as flash may be too harsh.
         Your image will be displayed on the IWS Website and may be used for publicity.          
    f. If image fails to upload, check that its size conforms to above requirements.

    g. Any image file not conforming to the IWS naming convention and size may not be able to be
         processed or accepted into the show.  


6. Entry fee
    a. Entry fee is $10.00, utilizing PayPal during the entry process. No checks accepted.
        [PayPal account is not required. Your credit card information can be entered to make a
          one-time payment through PayPal.]  



All sales are the responsibility of the artist. The website instructs prospective buyers to email IWS at iowawatercolorsociety@gmail.com. An IWS member will receive those inquires and contact the artist with prospective buyer(s) information provided. It is the sole responsibility of the artist to handle all communications,
the sales transaction, and make all delivery arrangements with the buyer.

Iowa Watercolor Society will assume the privilege of photographing any images of paintings submitted and
entered in the Members Show. These images may be used for the purpose of publicity or reproduction
on the IWS website, the IWS Facebook page or other IWS social media. The Iowa Watercolor Society
reserves the right to decline any work that does not conform to the prospectus.


Noncompliance with any of these requirements may result in artwork being disqualified.

If questions, please email the IWS Exhibition Chair: iwsexhibit@gmail.com

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