Paul Talbot Greaves 

Spring Workshop 2020

Advancing your watercolor techniques

May 13-15, 2020

Loosen up your approach and use exciting techniques to make better, more dynamic
watercolor paintings. In this workshop, Paul will explore with you, three hugely important
elements of watercolor painting - composition, lost and found techniques and value ranges.
There will be a lot of information here that will advance your work in many ways and push
your watercolors beyond the ordinary.
Through demonstrations, group exercises, and individual attention, he will share with you the
elements of composition, such as arranging shapes, using perspective and contrast to full
effect and making a busy focus.
Paul teaches in a relaxing manner and is very encouraging to painters of all abilities.
His appraisal of work in the classroom is addressed in an honest, friendly and respectful way
to allow you to see all the positive and negative elements that may help you to improve
beyond the workshop environment.


Day One - we'll be looking at composition so that participants can learn how to structure their paintings, not just with shapes and arrangements but with a plan to guide where to paint carefully, where to 'let go', where to use contrast and above all - what to look for, - all very relevant design essentials for making a bolder, eye-grabbing painting. We will use photos and sketches to work through design ideas with my help. I'll demonstrate a painting to show my thoughts and working process to allow painters to see the information in action.

Day Two - we will look at lost and found techniques and I will introduce some exercises for controlling wet into wet, wet against wet, drag brush, softening hard edges, dot and dash, and lifting.
I will share a demonstration of these techniques coming together in a finished painting.

Again, painters will work on their own images in the afternoon, following the techniques with my guidance and help.

Day Three - we will concentrate on values and I will introduce my five value system for simplifying paintings. I will set some exercises to practice achieving value ranges using different consistencies of paint. This will be key to achieving those lovely rich colors and essential darks in a painting. I will then show how I use the values in my painting demonstration.

Painters will work on their own images with my help and advice throughout the afternoon.

Throughout the three days, there will be appraisals, mini demonstrations, discussions, help, advice and I will cover other relevant subjects such as greens and shadows in my demonstrations.

Overall, participants will gain an understanding of a painting's foundation - those key elements that bring a picture to another level. The course will aim to infuse confidence, allowing painters to express themselves with spontaneity and energy.

Painting Watercolor Landscapes

May 18-20, 2020


Searching for a scene to paint can sometimes be a frustrating process. There is so much in
the landscape that it can be overwhelming and ‘where to start’ is often one of the biggest
stumbling blocks for many painters. By moving your focus away from views full of daunting
information and instead, considering some strong design elements, you will learn how to find
interest even in the less obvious scenes. We will cover important and key topics such as
using contrast for impact, creating a strong focal point and the importance of cast shadows,
which will lead us on to making paintings out of nothing and introducing white into your work.
Paul will demonstrate techniques and paintings as well as set practice and exercise work to
try out in class. The workshop will be good for painters of all abilities and Paul is adept at
tailoring his help and friendly advice to assist individuals at any level.

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