traveling show 

October-November 2021

Warren Cultural Center - Greenfield, IA 

December-January 2022

Lake Side Casino - Osceola, IA


February-March 2022

Corning Center for Fine Arts - 
Corning, IA 


April-May 2022

PACE Hoff Family Arts -
Council Bluffs, IA

June-July  2022

Winterset Art Center - Winterset, IA

 Exhibition Traveling Show                                                        

1. First Place
    Trastevere, Richard Hanson
2. Second Place
    Morning In Williamsburg, Leslie Leavenworth
3. Third Place
    11th And Main - Dubuque, Michael Broshar
4. Fourth Place
    At The County Fair, Alda Kaufman
5. Fifth Place:
    Flour And Glass, Shelby Puhl
6. Transparent
 The Whisky Mountain Trail, Mark H. McWhorter
7. Honorable Mention
  Morning Light, Larry Castek

8. Honorable Mention
    Reign Of The Redwoods, Jean Weiner
9. Honorable Mention
    Waiting His Turn, Connie Luhman    

10. Moonlight Haunting, Kathy Strohl
11. Abbie, Ruth Moore
12. Red White & Blue, Anita K Plucker
13. Temptation, Vicky Prosser
14. Woolies, Joan Moore
15. The Mule, Joan Moore
16. Carnival De Nice Tulip, Ann Hutchins
17. For All The Marbles, Melissa Van Egdom
18. Bits And Pieces, Jan Vander Linden
19. Best Friends, Janice S. Bell
20. Morning On The Mackinac, Jean Weiner
21. Strasbourg Canal, Paula Schrad
22. Catching Rays, Tracy Edens
23. Ristorante Al Duello, Richard Hanson
24. Hurstville Derelicts, Jac Tilton
25. Lobster Trap Buoys, Carleen Hon
26. Purple And Pink Tulips, Carleen Hon
27. Season1, Kristine Thielen (Virtual Only)
28. Field Of Gold, Naomi Swalve
29. Right On Schedule, Mary Johnson
30. Bob, Mayela Fonseca
31. The Guardian, Mark H. McWhorter
32. The Mile At Sunset, Connie Luhman


2021 - 2022 IWS Traveling Show