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          2024 members online auction



New this year, the IWS virtual members show is being held as an online silent auction! Who among us doesn’t enjoy the thrill of selling a painting? Learning one of our paintings has SOLD is validation that our artistic expression is valued by another!


Entry for this auction is open to all current IWS members. The auction will be hosted online via 32auctions.  Our IWS website will provide the link to view and bid on our members' artwork. Plan now to enter your original work(s) and let us help you make that sale(s)!




Entry runs Feb. 14 - March 13, 2024.

The IWS Members Auction will take place March 15 - April 15, 2024.



Review All Requirements Carefully

1. Open to all 2024 IWS Members. To become a new member or to renew your

    membership, visit:

2. Original Unframed Artwork Only

a. Only done by you.

b. No copies of other artwork.

c. No work completed in workshops or with an instructor.

d. No copies of published photos or work from photos that you did not take.

3. Recent Work

a. Created in the last two years, after Jan. 1, 2022.

b. Not previously shown in any IWS show.

4. Medium

a. Watercolor paint and other mediums such as ink, watercolor pencils, and


b. Any rag or wood pulp paper acceptable. Also, Yupo and rice paper.

c. Collages acceptable if your original work.

5. Presentation - The artwork image must be presented as right-side up (image may

    not appear upside down or laying on its side).



From Our Website,

1. Under Events, click on Members Auction on the drop-down menu. The auction 
Form link appears after Prospectus. Click on the link to access the Entry

2. Each artist may enter up to two paintings. The Entry Form accepts two images.

3. Painting Title – Enter only the painting’s title (without the .jpg extension).

       Example: painting’s title - Winding Willow Road
                    (file name: windingwillowroad.jpg),

        Enter painting title as: Winding Willow Road

4. Price – Enter the dollar amount without cents (e.g., for a price of $300.00,
    enter 3
00). Bidding opens at 50% of this price. No reserves (minimum
    amount you would 
accept) are allowed. An opening bid will become a painting
    sale if no additional bids 
are received. Additionally, IWS will retain a 10%
    commission on all sales. Set your 
price accordingly.  

       Example 1: Price is $600. Multiple bids received reach $600.
                       IWS retains $60. 
 You receive $540.

       Example 2: Price is $600. Opening bid received for $300.
                       No additional bids 
                       IWS retains $30. You receive $270.

       Example 3: Price is $600. No bids received.
                       IWS retains $0. You receive $0.

5. Painting Dimensions - Enter the height and width of the painting in inches.

6. Upload Image - Digital image file(s) must conform to the following:

a. File must be in .jpg format (with .jpg extension) – no other formats accepted

    (e.g., windingwillowroad.jpg).

b. File must be within in the 470KB to 20MB size range.

c. The photograph of your artwork must be ONLY the unframed, unmated

    painting. Crop image so only your artwork is presented (no other background).

d. Make sure your image is at its best. Use filtered natural light. Your image will

    be displayed on the 32auctions platform and may be used for IWS publicity.

e. If the image fails to upload, check that its size conforms to the above


f. Any image file not conforming to the IWS naming convention and size may

   be disqualified.

7. Entry Fee - $10.00 per painting, (limit 2 paintings), utilizing PayPal during the        entry process (PayPal account not required – use any major credit card to make
    a one-
time payment). No checks accepted.


1. Sales – IWS will collect payment and then issue paper checks (less the 10%

    commission) to the artists that sell their paintings.

2. Shipping - Artists are responsible for shipping their unframed painting(s) directly to

    their buyer(s). IWS will forward the buyer(s) mailing address/contact information
the artists selling works. Communication with patrons regarding shipment is the

    responsibility of member artists. We ask that you ship sold work in a timely
e.g., within 3 business days of the auction closing, so your patron(s) can
delivery within 7 - 10 business days. For shipping supplies (Kraft mailing
    tubes, c
orrugated cardboard, etc.) visit


Iowa Watercolor Society will assume the privilege of using any submitted painting image for the purpose of publicity or reproduction on the IWS website, Facebook page or other promotional communication.

Iowa Watercolor Society reserves the right to decline or disqualify any work that does not comply with the prospectus. For assistance, email the IWS Exhibition Chair at

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