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2022 Exhibition Gallery
Full Juried Exhibition



Exhibition Award Winners in the Traveling Show

1.  First Place: Una Passegiatta A Firenze, Richard Hanson
2.  Second Place: Bonnie, Nash Cox
3.  Third Place: Canyon Cruise, Jean Weiner 
4.  Fourth Place: Spring Green, Jan Vander Linden
5.  Fifth Place: Split Rock Lighthouse 2, Michael Broshar
6.  Transparent: Glass Garden, Janice Bell
7.  Honorable Mention: Moving Forward, Tracy Edens

8.  Honorable Mention: Reach, Vicky Prosser
9.  Honorable Mention: Okoboji Paradise, Stephen Gaul


 Exhibition Traveling Show Selections                                          

10.  After Finals, Jo Myers-Walker  
11.  Lunch at Noon, Melissa Van Egdom
12.  Hiking Up Berthound Pass, Carleen Hon
13.  Feed the Bees, Glenda Plozay
14.  Domino, Shelby Puhl
15.  An Object at Rest, Connie Luhman
16.  Green Sentinel, Tracy Edens 
17.  Lavender Field, Mary Johnson
18.  Coastal Catch, Alda Kaufman
19.  Casey's Mill, Leslie Leavenworth
20.  Beach Play, Martha Rhoades
21. Mushrooms, Richard Grodt
22.  Iced Tea and Lemonade, Nash Cox
23.  Wild Skunk Cabbage, Ann Hutchins
24.  My Old Friend Grant, Glenda Plozay
25.  A Florentine View, Richard Hanson
26.  Atmospheric Orange, Richard Parker 
27.  Jack, Martha Rhoades
28.  Princess Arch, Mark H. McWhorter
29.  Harvest Time, Alda Kaufman
30.  Morning Joe, Leslie Leavenworth

Other Exhibition Accepted Entries

31.  December Oranges, Randi Mackey
32.  Mainstreet USA, Susan Baer
33.  Morning Anchor, Bill Allen
34.  Before the Crowd, Larry Castek
35.  Old Friends, Susan Guyer
36.  Cold Air, Anna Conway
37.  Abandoned, Joan Moore
38.  Sea Oats, Tybee Island, GA, John Franklin
39.  Iowa's Loess Hills, Richard Parker
40.  Lupines, Linda Schanus
41.  Yellow House, Red Chairs, Susan Baer
42.  Captain Willie, Carleen Hon
43.  Wolf Creek Bridge 2, Michael Broshar
44.  Kayak Adventure, Mary Johnson

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