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2022 Annual Exhibition


The Iowa Water Society's Annual Exhibition runs from July 31, 2022, through September 11, 2022. 

The Exhibition is scheduled to take place at La Poste in Perry, Iowa.

All 2022 Exhibition accepted paintings must be received as follows:   
Art drop-off date is July 31, 2022, 11 am - 3 pm, at La Poste, in Perry, IA.
Mailed paintings must be received by Linda Schanus no later than July 30, 2022.
Prior to mailing - all delivery and painting information is required to be emailed and
please direct any questions to  


All registration entries are digital and must be compliant with the following Prospectus information.
Registration period w
as May 8, 2022, through June 21, 2022  Registration is closed.


Images of your artwork Must be Within the Range of 1.5MB (new minimum) to 20 MB (maximum)! 

Entry forms and photos of paintings (images) must be submitted on-line.

One of the benefits of IWS membership is that there is no entry fee for the annual exhibition.
All members are encouraged to take advantage of this benefit and submit up to
 paintings in the annual exhibition. 

Eligibility - Review all Requirements Carefully. 
     1. IWS Members Only (Visit to become a member.)  
      2. Original Artwork Only
         2a.  Only done by you
         2b. No copies of other artwork 
         2c. No work completed in workshops or with an instructor
         2d. No copies of others published photos. 


Recent Work

      1. Created in the last two years

     2. Not previously shown in an IWS show 

Medium Restrictions 

     1. Watercolor soluble Pigments and Media: Watercolor, Gouache, Egg Tempera, and Casein. Watercolor Pencils. 

     2. Only removable resists used.

     3. Preliminary sketching only – not used for shading of any kind.

     4. Papers and Supports: Watercolor paper, Yupo, and similar synthetic papers, illustration board, rice paper,
         canvas paper, and board. 
         [Note: All art must be framed according to the stated rules.] 

     5. Unacceptable:
         No Gallery wrapped or stretched canvas, clayboard, Tyvek, metal or glass.
         No water-soluble pastel, charcoal, ink, or graphite. 
         No acrylic paints or oil paint.
         No collage. 


Definition of Transparent in Watercolor:

To qualify for the Transparent Watercolor award the painting must display the qualities of the definition of transparent. No white paint is accepted. The whites are the paper left unpainted. The definition of 'transparent' from the Webster’s Dictionary: “having the property of transmitting light without appreciable scattering so that bodies lying beyond are seen clearly.”  It is the white of the paper and the application of the layers of paint the produce transparency in watercolor paintings. All watercolor pigments applied in a transparent manner allow light to penetrate the layers of glazes and reflect light back through the pigments from the paper below. Use of cadmiums and others opaque pigments are acceptable when they are applied in a transparent manner. All transparent award paintings must be on watercolor paper. No Yupo, rice paper, or canvas allowed.

Presentation - Chosen art will only be exhibited if the below requirements are met. 

  1. Mat board must only be White or Off-White

  2. Thin color liner is acceptable

  3. Maximum frame size not to exceed 40" x 32". 

  4. A sturdy wire hanger must be attached to the back of the frame and art must be ready to hang.
  5. Paintings must be protected by non-breakable acrylic (i.e. Plexiglas). Glass is not acceptable. 

How to Enter:


1. Each artist may submit 1 or 2 paintings. 

2. The photograph of your artwork must be of the unframed, unmated image. Use filtered natural light, as flash may be too

3. The painting’s photo orientation must be correct -
    The top of the painting must be up when the image is opened (not upside down or laying on its side). 

4. Make sure your image is its best. Your image will be used for initial jurying, and for publicity throughout the following year.
5. Files must be within in the 470KB  to 20MB range

6. File must be in .jpg format. No other formats will be accepted.
7. File(s) submitted on the Annual Exhibit entry form must conform to the following IWS naming convention: Title.jpg

    Prior to submission - rename file, if necessary, in preparation for uploading the file image to IWS. 
    Example -  If painting title is  Walk In The Park   File name must already be named and entered as: WalkInThePark.jpg 

8. After your painting images are uploaded, the 'Success' screen should appear with a
    "Your form has been successfully submitted. Thank you for your time." message.
     A link is provided to (optionally) print a receipt with all painting upload(s) details. 


    Image files not conforming to the IWS naming convention will not be submitted for consideration. 

For any questions, please email the IWS Exhibition Chair at 




Cash, gift certificates, and additional awards. The Juror will select both cash and honorable mention awards. Award jurying will be from actual paintings. The judge’s decisions are final.

There is a special award category for transparent watercolor paintings. Check the “Yes” box by “Transparent Watercolor" on the entry form. Please reference the "
Definition of Transparent in Watercolorsection in regard to the "Transparent Watercolor" award.

All sales will be handled by the artist. LaPoste, Inc. or the Iowa Watercolor Society will not take any commissions from the sale. Paintings are to be sold at the price stated by the artist on the entry form. If not for sale, check NFS on the entry. Traveling show sales are handled by the artist and the paintings sold must continue in the traveling show until the conclusion of the final exhibition of the traveling show.


Paintings are not insured by LaPoste, Inc. or the Iowa Watercolor Society. It is at the discretion of the artist to provide their own insurance.

No substitutions are permitted after the selections have been made by the judge.
Iowa Watercolor Society will assume the privilege of photographing, using any submission photos of paintings, or paintings entered in the exhibition for the purpose of publicity or reproduction in the exhibition catalog, the IWS website, the IWS Facebook page or other IWS social media pages. LaPoste, Inc. and the Iowa Watercolor Society reserve the right to reject any work that arrives damaged. All accepted paintings are eligible to be selected for the traveling show, and if chosen, are required to travel to the conclusion of the final exhibition.


All artists submitting entries will be emailed regarding their acceptance status into the exhibition. Instructions for shipping, hand delivery, and return of accepted artwork will be included at that time.


Award-winning entries and other chosen work will be kept and placed in the Traveling Show.  The present year's Exhibition art pieces and the prior year's Traveling Show art must be claimed immediately after the Annual Meeting.  All unclaimed art becomes the property of the Iowa Watercolor Society and will be disposed of as necessary. 

For any questions, please email the IWS Exhibit Chair: 

Non-compliance with eligibility requirements may result in works being disqualified. 

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