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2020 Annual Exhibition 
Full Juried Exhibition

2020 IWS Exhibition Award and Traveling Show


               Award Winners


First place: By the James River, Leslie Leavenworth

Second place: Santorini, Robert Zeidler

Third place: There is Hope, Anna Conway

Fourth place: Longing, Nanette Catigbe

Fifth place: Chino, Jean Weiner

Transparent Award: Stone Bridge, Richard Parker

Honorable Mention: Sitting on a Ledge, Carleen Hon

Honorable Mention: Beware Cerberus, Richard Hanson

Honorable Mention: Seagulls, Marc McWhorter

Honorable Mention: Evening, Jac Tilton

Honorable Mention: Florida Heron, Kristine Thielen

 Traveling Show Selections


1.  Rudbeckias & Brushes, Marybeth Heikes

2.   For the Love of Ewe, Melissa Van Egdom

3.   Young Heart Throb, Cindy Gordon

4.   Backyard Chickens, Jo Myers-Walker

5.   Blue House, Tom Hempel

6.   Goldfield Mine, Jac Tilton

7.   Road Trip Find, Anita Plucker

8.   Trail Above Luther Barn, Mary Ann Gloe

9.   Municipal Courts-Jerome, AZ, Michael Broshar

10. Needs TLC, Larry Castek

11. Grandma's Tulips, Connie Luhman

12. Janell & Christopher, Connie Guillaume

13. Hydra Harbor, Greece, Robert Zeidler

14. Free Spirit, Jeanette Carson

15. Gone Fishing, Leslie Leavenworth

16. Fishing Red Haw, Susan Baer

17. Great Grandpa Seymore, Ruth Moore

18. Mystic, Sara Burrier

19. 2.99/lb., Janice S.K. Bell

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