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 traveling show 


October - November 2023

Iowa City Senior Center
28 Linn Street, Iowa City, IA 52240 

December 2023 -
January 2024

Maquoketa Art Experience 
124 South Main, Maquoketa, IA 52060

February - March 2024

River Arts Center, Clinton, IA
229 5th Avenue South, Clinton, IA 52732

April - May 2024

Location: To Be Announced

June - July  2024

Charles H. MacNider Art Museum
303 - 2nd Street SE, Mason City, IA 50401



IWS Traveling Show                                                      

Exhibition Award Winners in the Traveling Show
1.  First Place:
     Crimsonteen Chaos, Richard Hanson
2.  Second Place:
     Sisters of the Sun, Ruth Moore
3.  Third Place:
     A Walk to Menerbes, Vicky Prosser 
4.  Fourth Place:
     Honey Suckle, Kelsey Wilson
5.  Fifth Place:
     Seascape at Low Tide, Richard Parker
6.  Transparent:
     Pair on the Prairie, Missy Van Egdom
7.  Honorable Mention:
     Floating on a Breeze, Mary Johnson
8.  Honorable Mention:
     Race at Liberty, Cincinnati, Michael Broshar
9.  Honorable Mention:
     The Pollinator Plot, Glenda Plozay

Exhibition Traveling Show Selections  

10.  Harvest Memory #2, Naomi Swalve
11.  Spring Beauties, Carleen Hon
12.  Boulder Falls, Stephen Gaul
13.  Coming Home, Leslie Leavenworth
14.  Strasbourg Memory, Paula Schrad
15.  Saying Goodbye, Mark McWhorter
16.  I'll Fly Away, Tracy Edens
17.  Brophy, Tracy Edens
18.  Sarah, Connie Guillaume
19.  After the Rain, Anna Conway
20.  Midnight Chickadees, Glenda Plozay
21.  Still Standing, Larry Castek
22.  Zinnias in Purple Vase, Janice Bell 
23.  Hello Gorgeous, Debra Garner 
24.  Pure Delight, Martha Rhoades
25.  Log Cabins, Tom Hempel
26.  Heading Home, Linda Schanus 
27. A Rainy Scramble in Florence, Richard Hanson
28.  Des Moines Farmer's Market, Diane Tough
29.  Swedish Still Life, Shari Nelson Lewison
30.  Spring Reflections, Susan Baer


2023 - 2024 IWS Traveling Show
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